Friday, March 14, 2014

Be the Change You Want To See, To Reestablish what "Used" To Be

So many times I hear people complain about how things used to be, how people used to be respectful, how men used to desired commitment more often and such.... the list goes on and on of how things "used to be". However what I realize is that in order for a change to take place, someone has to take action, someone has to be prepared to stand and represent when others are not.... as young people... we have to be the change we want to see.  If you want to be solid parents.. that will require you making the necessary sacrifices.... If you desire to have the kinda marriage that your grandparents had, that will desire you deciding to trade in the single life for one of commitments. Our society is one of great fantasy, and will not promote the indisputable fact that in order to do anything of substance and longevity.. it will require your hand in the matter. I have learned in my life that no one is committed to my dreams, not even my husband nor my parents because everyone has their own distinct set of dreams that they are busy pursuing. As of the recent few years, I have put tremendous efforts into molding a more exciting life, in which I feel less hindered of the factors around me. I focused in on not letting anything prevent me, and that mentality has been beyond successful in accomplishing some things in my life. Not only do I encourage you to work on being the change you crave, but I live to implement it in my own life. No longer will i let the simple's small frame of mind put parameters around my "larger than life" perspective as my husband calls it. I'm living.... and having fun.

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