Monday, March 3, 2014

Attention Black Girl: It's Ok To Be and Look Like a Black Girl

Whatever you do, don't forget to shine!!!!

Gorgeous Variations;I love my baby sister
Alonee <3
Me & Nicola kicking it in Miami
As I surf the net, read Facebook comments and opinions, watch various YouTube videos and see the black women featured on t.v. and reality shows.. I can't deny that there is a desperate need for someone to remind the black girl (of all nationalities) that it is ok... to be black. It is ok to have colored skin, curves and nappy/kinky/curly hair. I'm just wondering where did the national standard of beauty come from... that makes women of color feel like they have to transform into something else to be beautiful? I think the most attractive piece of anyone is their level of self confidence. I have seen the most ugliest, under dressed, fat and unattractive person ooze with so much confidence that it spilled on to the next person. Self confidence is sexy... its contagious because everyone wants it. What kind of man wants a mopey depressed woman? When you have flavor it shows, and it can be a major game changer. I will use Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. as an example. Now before he became famous, all that most could see was a big, black,fat man with a lazy eye, but B.I.G was so confident and it transferred into his music. Next thing you know people were trying to emulate him in his talent and dress. To this day, Versace & Coogi brands are associated with B.I.G because he rocked them faithfully. So the moral of the story is: I know that there are many contrary images that flood our media, and might trick an insecure woman into believing that her look and race is not suffice, but the love, and admiration must come from within. You can never hope for someone else to define you. You were made unique because that is who you are supposed to be. Ascertaining to others looks and such is a colossal waste of energy, meanwhile you could be learning how to refine and perfect your own palette of gorgeous unique talents and gifts. 
Michelle always brings a smile <3
You don't have to believe me, but I am just someone that learned to work with what I have (which also includes a lazy eye) and master it. Now people around me want to emulate me because I appear to be so confident, and I was able to attract a wonderful man.I must credit my parents for teaching me how to love and accept myself. It all begins in the home and with yourself. Parents need to do a better job of peeling their kids away from the computer or T.V. and pouring something valuable into their minds. Lastly, I believe that if more people learned to be themselves, we all could be better resources to other people like us that are struggling. I believe that when people see me, and see me make it and achieve my dreams, it gives them motivation to accomplish things in their own lives, but how can we be examples to others if we ourselves are confused? Such is the versatility of a black woman... let us celebrate!!!!! 
Me and My Girl Markeyta :-)

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