Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Let Me Vent Series: P.S.A: Me; My Blog & The Unmitigated Truth

It has come to my attention that some are bothered by my messages and my material, but I just want to share with those that are.... this simple message. My blog is not for you..... it is for me and those that can benefit from it. I have found that in life..... many pitfalls are experienced because we are not honest with each other.. we conceal truths that could make some other person's path smoother. I am not prepared to do that. I am prepared to be the resource that me, myself desperately searched for and needed upon many experiences. I want to enlighten other women of color that they are not alone in their experiences. The fact of the matter is that not all truths are pretty.. not all truths are pleasant, but one thing is for sure... and that is that they remain true. This is my life.. and my journey.. and I will not edit it or withhold it. To whom much is given.. much is required... and unlike the masses.. I am not too intimidated to do it.....

Yours Truly, 
                ~ Afrikan Superstar

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