Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All The Cardinal Signs We ignore

I believe that all major players, leaders and empires have all approached a time and place in which the cardinal signs and warnings are evident. This is the point in which either you will rise or fall with the way you choose to proceed. Recently, A famous actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, did not choose wisely while at his crux, and it cost him his life. He however is not the only one that gets faced with the cardinal signs and does not back down. also many of us do too. We do it in our finances, relationships and in spirituality. We take risks that we shouldn't and many times we fail to acknowledge how we blatantly were confronted with a glimpse of the repercussions of our actions, yet out of our own narcissism, we chose to go against our gut. In this narrative I choose to speak to those of us that know better.... those of us that believe we are slick and getting away with the various things that we do with precision and skill. I would have to remind you that no matter how well you always cover your tracks... there will always be some sort of trace because an action did indeed take place, and what is done in the dark always comes to light.. and It has been my experience that, when it comes to light, it is never a cost that you have fathomed paying... it is always much more costly and devastating than you expected. It is challenging to reprimand yourself when you feel like you are on cloud nine.. but it could be the difference in life and death. If you ever watch shows like behind the music or Hollywood files, you will often hear the once famed stars say they felt "on top of the world".. I have noticed that often this always comes before some life changing event in their life. I want to encourage those that are "getting" away with it, those that have mastered covering their tracks... to foresee what is destined to come. We must remember.. for ever action there is a reaction... and I would much rather order my steps here on earth than pay in the afterlife.. which is another possible cost.

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