Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let Me Vent Series: Less is More & More is Less

The older I get, the more I realize this very truth. While our American culture is busy promoting a perpetual consumer lifestyle.. I am wiser to subscribe to the opposite. I have already had more than my share of material things. I have a nice car, clothing.. I have traveled, modestly around the world, and none of these things satiate me. I think we have all run across someone whom we might deem as less fortunate at some point in our lives, amazingly, these individuals seems much more laid back.. and unconcerned with all that swirls around them. Now the trick to this concept is not necessarily to digress to poverty, but shave off unnecessary stresses. On my most recent trip to Bermuda, I observed some of my family that lived fairly simple lives. Taking it all in, I found that I was very comfortable and had less stress without some of the modern 'conveniences' . The hustle and bustle of my lifestyle in the states is crazy. Sometimes you will find yourself so busy, you don't even have time for family or the things that you rather be doing with your time. I sincerely believe that reducing some extraneous needs will alleviate pressures to keep up. Also by doing this, you may have some free time to spend doing more meaningful things such as: spending time with family, exercising , time in devotion, volunteering etc... The inverse of obtaining too many things and being unsatisfied with all that you gain is equally as frustrating. Money & possessions can never fill your soul. I have shared my mentality with many around me only to receive blank stares. Warren Buffet once said "Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy". This is just some of notable advice that helped him amass exorbitant wealth, but not let it go to his head. I'm now at a stage in my life in which I desire to be somewhat average, after spending the majority of my life ascertaining to unrealistic standards. I also recently came across this interesting algorithm from China. It was in regards to the crisis that educated, successful women are experiencing in the country. The simple observation was that A grade men pursue B grade women, B grade men pursue C grade women, C grade men pursue D grade women.. to the effect that all that is left is A grade women and D grade men. I think this speaks also to what many black women experience in their dating lives. Because so many of us have been socialized to be "strong" & "independent" it elevates us into a class by ourselves, which therefore often times results in extended periods of singleness or settling. Understanding moderation in all areas of our lives can be so beneficial.

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