Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Y is a Crooked Letter...

And it can't be straightened out", My mother always used to say to me as a child.  I didn't fully understand it then, but as an adult, I cant truly see the logic. We will often find ourselves in challenging situations where difficult choices will ensue, and it is natural to question why it has come to be. We will entertain alternative realities in which we didn't have to make the choices, but it still doesn't change the fact. We will ponder timing and spend time considering the consequences of right and wrong, and determine whether or not we want to pay the associated costs. The fact of the matter is that "time and chance happen to everyone" however we must understand that our steps have been ordered by the Lord. It is not for us to determine the how, why, or "lean not unto our own understanding". What we can surmise is that our Lord is "working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory". To be honest, this is an area of my life where I really struggle. I have never been the kind of woman to sit idle while I feel like my dreams and future happiness is on the line. I believe the Lord has sent an angel to strengthen me in this area. Someone who helps me make hard choices, because in the end the most important piece to any situation you may find yourself in, is making the best choice. It is taking action over deliberating continually. I encourage you if you are someone who constantly questions, learn how to make choices, and save the complaints. Stay prayerful and decide.

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