Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fact & Fiction

I have never been an emotional decision maker... I have always thought it to be more practical to access things purely through fact or fiction. Logically looking at situations is not popular, but it cuts out the difficulty. Emotions are constantly fleeting.. so to build life on them will continually keep you at a disadvantage. Often times the two choices presented before you are not easy.. however.. if you opt to make a tough choice sooner than later, it can save you unnecessary heartache. Because naturally the more you invest into a situation, say for instance, a relationship that never can work... the more connected you become, and the more intense the pain in the future. Again.. i know this information is not pleasant to hear, but as I look back over my life... and recant the few occasions of embarrassment and pain, I realize that I went against my logic and made choices off of hope and emotion. Each of these instances could have been avoided if I would have acknowledged the cardinal signs that I was made aware of. Now that I have matured into a woman... I vehemently strive to avoid emotionally dangerous situations, and I encourage you to do the same....

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