Sunday, September 8, 2013

I will only speak if....

I have something worthwhile to say. Currently there is so much chatter in our culture.. so many misleading voices.. and I thank God that I have had the blessing an d opportunity to be raised without complete inundation from the media. I have observed many in leadership positions, that truly have nothing to say... and misuse their platform, but I resolve to use my words carefully, and I believe that is why many have grown to trust me and consult me before they make tough choices. I have also been blessed with wisdom, because I have always asked God for it. Now realistically it is a tough thing to ask for and receive, because it will truly set you apart from your peers. Being a member of facebook.. I see deeply into the messages people update their status with.. i see the true despair or ignorance behind their words, and I have self consciously vowed to only speak words of truth and in good time, because the people that always talk are filled with nothing but air, and the most profound people choose their expressions carefully. In at time where there is so much noise and foolishness, those of us with real truth to share must cautiously speak. WE must do the things we say.. we must be about our fathers business. we must not pollute the atmosphere with things that do not promote God in our lives... we must be honest that we should often go against society's standards to truly reach happiness and success.

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