Saturday, August 3, 2013


So I was on location for my 30th birthday in Bermuda..... As i visited family members I haven't seen in years, and got brought up to speed on current events.. I am reminded that politics exist everywhere. Politics in government make you upset, but politics within families make me vex. I'm for the life trying to figure how trivial things can separate blood family members. how they can pass like ships in the night live in such close proximity of one another, but not mind each other. I truly believe that broken families are perpetuated by the enemy. Broken families lead to broken people which makes the enemy's job run smoother. People that feel disconnected are more likely to behave in a reckless manner. I encourage those of you that are currently living in the midst of broken families to do something about it. Perhaps you are the missing link to bring them all back together. Often those that are leaders may want to escape the responsibility that comes with leadership, but if you commonly find yourself being pushed to the forefront or people are always seeking your advice.. it is very possible that you are the one needed for the job.... As I reminisce over some of the most purposed by God in our Bible.. I can derive that many tried to avoid it, but once they stepped into the light... were quite effective and revered. As I was in Bermuda I made it a point to see all my family. I didn't care what existing circumstances were present... and through my choice, I was able to see my family interacting with each other at least for my sake. So, the moral of my story is do it.... do whatever is needed to get your family together. If it is on your path, you are equipped to deal with it.... don't wait for the next person to do it... it is meant for you to do it!

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