Sunday, August 11, 2013

Natural Hair? Yea.. Whatever

The Artist Formally known as......

Approximately one month ago I decided to end my so called "natural" hair journey that I had embarked on 3 years earlier. I surmised that if my "natural" hair was always braided up, weaved or wigged up, and never really visible, what in the world was the point. I'm not really into those nappy styles.. so rocking bantu knots and such things is just not my cup of tea. I do like braids, micros and twist, but after seeing a girl from college that used to wear her hair in such all the time recently and being shocked at her receding hairline, I decided to relax my hair
for versatility and convenience because I'm an on the go person why stays active, and doesn't have the time or desire for all the upkeep "natural" hair requires. For instance... I have a nice pool at my apartment complex.... Many times I have been deterred in getting in.. simply thinking about my hair, and what taking an impromptu splash in the pool requires. I realized that natural is you and however you decide to wear your hair. I missed days in which I could just wash and style my hair in a reasonable time. I missed running my hand through it without any attachments or tracks. I missed looking like myself and seeing my natural hair color before it is full of grays. I didn't want to miss one more moment of life because of my hair. So anyway.. I just wanted to share this with someone who may be ready for a change with their hair. I am so much more happier with my smooth silky permed hair.. More happier than I have been in a while... The air blowing through it is priceless. It may be the style to rock "natural" unprocessed hair right now... but honestly, It not for everyone..... So do you girl!

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