Friday, August 9, 2013

The Blame Game

Today I want to discuss what is commonly known as the blame game..... In other words finding someone or something responsible for your misfortune(s). I want to begin by telling all who know me, and or attempt to hold me responsible for anything other than my own life and own actions.... I am not the cause of your demise... You are. The truth is that we are where we are due to a series of actions that we have or have not taken in our lives. We (the individual) are completely responsible for the outcome of our decisions. We have the ability to negotiate and research other's outcomes before we ever make a move. In our current generation I find that so many people play this dangerous game..... and use it as an excuse to never succeed. We have to begin by admitting.. most of the choices we took that lead us down bad pathways, we were aware of the chance that it may not work out favorable, but we chose to risk it. I believe that due to the utter distraction of our media and the perpetuation of the false"American Dream", we are lead to believe in the unfair exchange of doing very little or nothing for a big return. We have been jaded into believing that we can start off on a bad path, and make it legitimate. What, I would like to offer you if you may be distracted by the things around you, is to understand the Law of Gravity  or popularly known as "What goes up must come down". This simply states and is further solidified by Issac Newton's other law as well as the 3rd  Law of Motion which in scientific lingo states "for every action there is an reaction". If you are an reasonably intelligent person, you know that it is wise to not make judgement based on emotion, but fact and probability. If you are distracted.. it is best to strip away the feelings and look at the facts. Not even in the moral sense, but in the scientific sense, we are made to understand that every move we make will be reciprocated.  We roll the dice taking the chance that we can make wrong into right... and then look for a blame scapegoat when we are displeased with the outcome. Where you stand in your current position may be discouraging.. perhaps you even have regrets... but I just want to remind you that as long as you live... you have an opportunity to turn things around for the good. Now taking things a bit further for those of us are Christians.. we not only understand the law of science, but we also know that our Lord will too hold us accountable. I must say for me, this is the most critical of all because I know that even if I may not receive punishment in the natural.. If  have wronged someone or something... I will have to account for it to the Lord... Our Bible warns..... " Be not deceived, God is not mocked. That whatsoever a man soweth, he shall also reap" - Galatians 6:7 Now for those of you that are not so knowledgeable with your Bible, let me explain the groundwork of this passage. It not only serves as a checkmate for the believer... but it also answered the age old assumption that we can reap seeds from other folks harvest's such as our parents, grandparents or what they are more commonly referred to as trans-generational curses.... This passage was in response to that. Because even in biblical times, people were using the behaviors of their parents to excuse their lifestyles.. The Lord addressed it, and made it clear that whatever the (individual) does.. the (individual) will have to make account of. Do remember that you are able to get yourself on track... but this will require you being mature.. and first addressing your role in your mistakes.. not anyone else s .

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