Thursday, March 21, 2013

Associated Costs… what you must know

"Family Drama" Theme..... resolved in 2 hours? I think not!
      Drunken off media, many of us have a false understanding of how life works and the magnitude of our decision making. I have even suffered from outlandish expectations as well as many of my friends. As we enter the next decade of our lives, many of us find ourselves unfulfilled with no direction. All of the goals that were set before us by our parents or society (Getting married, having children, completing college, starting a business, beginning a career, etc……) we have engaged in and unknowingly brought more challenge upon our lives, whereas we expected these milestones to provide some level of bravado or accomplishment. What our media has failed to convey is that life is a continual process in which you will never arrive, and that preparation for the future is unavoidable. However with Jesus you can achieve some level of balance, less him you will simply continue to chase your tail. You see, perfection on Earth is a concept that will never come to pass…. Perfection will only exist in Heaven. Once you understand that the situations you are experiencing are happening because they were destined too.. you can save yourself boundless amounts of sorrow. Now…. Let us not forget how the imminent weight that our decision making plays in to shaping our world. If you are a mature adult, you can honestly assess your life and see how your decisions or lack of good decisions have brought you where you are. If you chose the path of disobedience (pursuing a bad mate, neglecting career planning, postponing education, not establishing a rainy day fund, disobeying God’s word, or just plain going against the grain…) you will often be frustrated by where you are.. and what you have, and if you are immature, you will envy those around you that have the things that you lack. However obtaining these things is not nearly as hard as disobeying. You cannot simply choose what you want, and expect things to fall into place.. You must seek wisdom and direction from God, and if you rather map out your own plan… Good luck to you. Hell is full of people that chose to do “their own thing” over choosing to do God’s work. If you think that your existence is about self gratification you are a fool. You are purposed by God, and anything you choose to do outside his will, will not get you satisfaction much less his blessing. Is it odd that often times the kids that were nerds in school become successful, meanwhile the social butterflies wilt quickly without the sham of their parents providing? Our media does not promote this idea… and keeps so many lost by the expectation that we can have it all without any area suffering otherwise known as the ‘American Dream’. This idea is FALSE ,FALSE, FALSE, hence why it Is so impossible to obtain. Life ebbs and flows, its natural. Some of us actually have good lives, good marriages and good careers, but are discouraged because our life doesn’t fit the ‘mold’.
Bad guy/good girl.... Fun, but at what cost?
How to snap out of it:
I would seriously encourage you to challenge yourself to put some space between you and the prevalent media influences (T.V, Music and Internet) in your life. I don’t watch much T.V, but I use the computer daily. On average I was using facebook for 2 hours daily, and finding myself extremely frustrated, depressed and unhappy. I decided to cut ties for a while, currently I am on a Facebook hiatus for six months started in January 2013. Almost instantly, I felt better about myself, began to use that two hours for other things, and didn’t feel inadequate due to the comparisons social media subliminally feeds us. If need be, one has to get drastic. Secondly,
I would encourage you to critique and analyze certain themes that you see prevalent. For instance the bad guy/good girl in movies… It always works, right? WRONG. Think about this very story in terms of people you know or even a situation you found yourself in. Lastly, understand that the media is entertainment only. If certain themes are especially bothersome, cut them out entirely. My Pastor (Jeff Haygood of Living Word Church, always says.. “You turn into what you look at. So if you don’t like what you see, change the vision”.

Wealthy man goes for the hood chick? Nope!

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