Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Insecurities and the Infamous text message

So.. I know many of you can relate to what i'm about to discuss on today. Imagine you have a childhood friend of the opposite sex, you grew up with this person, went to church or school with this person, share a long standing friendship spanning a decade or more. The nature of the friendship is not romantic just caring.. After all from childhood to adulthood, you have experienced it all together. Let's just call my friend, Joey (his name has NOT been changed to protect the innocent). Now imagine your friend has gone awry, lives like a hobo because they don’t believe in the ‘corporate system’. Sometimes this person doesn’t eat, have their cell phone operable or even have heat or electricity in their home. It hurts to see your friend live like this, because you know from where they come from. You know their family and siblings. You know the brightness of their soul, their innate potential to change the world around them, if they were willing to be obedient to God instead of living life on the edge. Now imagine from time to time you check in with this person… genuinely…. because you are concerned about their welfare, sometimes by texts or calls… and bam….. the next day…. You wake up to a text message under your friend’s phone number, obviously not from your friend, but from some prowling person that they have been ‘fraternizing’ with.. to say the least… Well this is exactly what happened to me this morning…

and to say that I was livid is an understatement. I. Went. In…. on her.

"I don't want your man.. cause I got it like that!"

Ask about me......

 Partially.. because I don’t roll like that. I don’t like dealing with unruly romantic interests that are insecure and crazy. Why would you snoop through a man’s phone? Unless you want to find something that is not going to please you… However, In my case.. I am truly a platonic friend of Joey’s. If the woman had any common sense, she could have asked him who I am to him.. instead of attempting to contact me, using his phone…. Ugh. Secondly, that kind of behavior says a lot about you. If you have to snoop, spy and pry to keep abreast your man and his coming and goings, perhaps you should just move on. If your man is dealing with a woman that just won’t quit, then he needs to be the one to address her, not you. That is not how a healthy relationship operates. There must be a level of trust between partners… you shouldn’t have to play pink panther to be with them! I can’t even tell you how many times a side bar chick has called me or texted me, asking about “their” man in some form or fashion….and each time, how I had to tastefully let them have it. But don’t think for a moment think that my buddy is off the hook… I will tastefully let him have it too in a few weeks.. after he has moved on from this page… and is on to the next hot topic. SMH

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