Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yolo.... a different perspective

So currently.. our music and generation is inundated
with this phrase (which stands for You Only Live Once), and to a certain degree, I do see the relevance. However, not the prompted ideology. I do certainly agree that we only have “one life to live”, but in lieu of that.. Shouldn’t we be cautious and selective with the things we do instead of partying and wasting it away? Ironically… we say that life is short.. but for many of us, we are blessed and life goes far beyond our 20’s & 30’s. Perhaps we should consider that when we just rather let go. The true leaders of our time, did not just happen to stumble upon position. Many spent time, money and heart on developing themselves. They made strategic plans and actually put their hands to the plow. You are a fool if you want something for nothing( sorry to pop your bubble) There are associated costs to everything. The less you do.. the less you can expect. So if finding a mate is a goal for you, I suggest you use your down time to improve yourself. Get your education/ career track in order. Or if you aspire to start your own business.. do the research and legwork to formulate a plan. Work on your health and fitness. Be proactive. As a lady perhaps you should learn how to cook and clean really well… To prepare for a future mate and children. I would advise you to travel and set goals for yourself that you can do by yourself because once you get in a relationship, you must consider your mate, and you will undoubtedly find yourself compromising more than you can imagine. In my personal case, I wish I had learned more about where my husband came from, recipes, culture and such. Because it could have made the transition a bit more smoother. Now, I’m just learning it real time .  If you wish to be more knowledgeable about spiritual things, it will require additional time in prayer and devotion. To imagine that one day these things will just come into fruition without any instigation is foolish, and you will never experience any level of satisfaction.

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