Thursday, January 12, 2017

Afrikansuperstar, Where have you been?

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Me at the beach in Boston October 2016

I was shocked while I was walking through the hall of my part time job and a random person I did not know stopped me, and asked when I was planning on updating my blog. He told me he enjoyed reading my thoughts. So I guess everyone is really wondering where have I been. I realize that I have been scarce for virtually the entirety to 2016. I just want to take a moment and go over some of the things I spent last year doing. It was a huge travel year for me. I traveled to London in Feb 2016 and spent the month of November in South Africa and Ghana. I also visited Chicago a few times and Boston. As far as work I became greatly independent in March when i started driving Uber full-time (also keeping a part time call center job at Jcpenney's on the weekends only). I engaged in a few relationships.. none significant enough to mention, which all miraculously concluded right before the close of the year. I endured the sudden closing of the university I had been attending, disrupting my plans to leave the country early 2017. I dealt with a host of other problems and issues throughout the year, struggled to maintain my routine and had some really low moments. The year was challenging, but set the stage for this year; which is the year I stand to reap greatly. As my routine fluctuated, so did my desire to blog regularly. I do apologize if you looked to me for inspiration and I was not there. It is a goal of mine for the new year, to be more consistent.

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