Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Difference between The Banker and the Bank Robber

The title is figurative of course...but it something one must really consider.When you contemplate the Banker and the Bank Robber several things will come to mind. Some of my first thoughts are Banker: professional, employed,sensible, responsible.... when I think of the Bank Robber: Bad, Thief, Criminal, Consequences, Matter of Time, Not Enough Money To Last, Death..... When we think literally about the two we can surmise that both are affiliated with the bank.. both have access to bank's wealth, but one is legitimate and the other is stolen. This very same concept can be applied to many other relationship models, but I will compare it to the difference between a wife and a side chick. As the wife, expectations on your husband are legitimate, but as the side chick you can not rightfully make any because your relationship with someone else's husband is a stolen one. On one token both of you have access to the same man, but one gets more preferential treatment than the other... Often times people will settle for a portion of a situation, instead of taking strategic steps to have more legitimate, long lasting results. In the case of the Bank Robber he may experience a one time windfall, but it certainly cant rival the Bankers consistent job. The bank robber has to live cautiously if he does manage to get away... He will sleep with one eye open and always be apprehensive. On the contrary, the banker gets to have peace as he provides for his family. One is legitimate and one is stolen.... Legitimate will always have a longer lifespan.

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