Monday, March 16, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Why Do You Do The Things You Do? Why Are You So Trendy?

Have you ever even thought about it or asked yourself the question? I see it as a saddening epidemic taking over our black people worldwide... such a self hatred that leaves us scrambling to emulate and assimilate to fit in to someone else's mold. It Makes no sense to me because we as black people have so many natural blessings afforded to us and we are so creative. It doesn't make sense that we would want to be someone else, unless we have made to believe being ourselves it not enough. People want to know why I stand out, and why I'm different.. well I am different simply because I choose to be a black woman. I choose to like what I like and not acquiesce to what others are doing simply to fit in. I'm different because I ask why, and because I have morals. I'm not afraid to separate myself, and thank God that he has graced me to do so. At this point I see myself as a bridge between native Africans and African Americans;hoping to encourage each of us to see each other in a new light, building motivation and momentum to become better and stronger in the future. Why should we tattoo our skin or bleach it... Why should we have to leave our homes to find where we belong.. Why not belong where we are and impact the world around us.. Why not let our creativity pave a way to the future that we may eat from it, and strengthen communities? Why not celebrate our God instead of hiding him? Im different because I choose to be me, and I encourage you to be you. Ask yourself why those around you copy us in every form and fashion.. why they steal our lyrics, lingo and style. Its not by chance.. it is deliberate because we are strong. We are beautiful. We are capable. This is the reasons other people want our natural attributes because they are gorgeous. Im thankful to my parents for always showing me that black was beautiful.. I have never hated my skin.. I have always seen the potential of my people... and I encourage you too as well... #StayBlkAndTrue

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Rosicler Nunes dos Santos said...

Eu amo ser Negra.
Sou culta, tenho fe, respeito a todos,
Vivo em paz e harmonia com todos.