Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Avoid Fear By Creating a Firsthand Experience

Today I was thinking about my recent trips to London and Barcelona. I was thinking about all the preconceived notions that both I and some of my friends had about both locations, and how I totally dispelled them by seeing it for myself. For instance, none of my closest friends had been to either place yet in regards to the U.K some worried about what the food would taste like, and how blacks were treated. Ironically, I felt better received in the U.K than I have ever felt in the states, and I experienced both English dynamics of the major metro (London) and also the beautiful countryside (Northampton). The U.k was cleaner, food better quality (I lost ten pounds whilst there for two weeks in the fall), better quality programming etc... Although I was a stranger I felt safe (as guns are outlawed there as well as most of the world). The roads were well maintained, subway trains kept immaculate and the neighborhoods quiet. My mystery was satisfied, and I'm deeply in love with the U.K as it stands. Contrarily, The popular conception of Barcelona was that it would be exotic and full of beautiful characters to mix and mingle with. One could expect Latin warmness and hospitality, yet none of these things could be further from the Barcelona I experienced.
Barcelona was filthy, outdated and not receptive at all. I would never likely visit again. The locals were a far cry from the sexy Latins I expected.. instead they reminded me of Picasso.. Skinny, light and slim. They avoided eye contact (even other people of color) which suggested uncomfortable race relations in the region. So in essence, I debunked all the preconceived ideas that both my friends and I had determined about both locations. People can have opinions all they want about things they have never had a first hand account of, but I rather see the world through my own eyes.

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