Thursday, February 19, 2015

Much Luv Series: Go Eddie Murphy!!!!

I ran across an article this morning that talked about how Eddie Murphy was asked to do one of his well known impersonations of Bill Cosby for Saturday Night Live 40 years anniversary, but refused, respectfully. As some of you may know Bill Cosby is under fire for allegedly assulting and raping dozens of women (which we here at do not believe nore support the absurdity). Eddie Murphy said "He wouldnt kick a man while he is down". I just felt a kudos for his compassion was needed. It is an missing element in today's society. We dont mind to have a laugh at others expense or stand by idly while we see someone going through tragedy. Ive always been an Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby fan.. but his professionalsm in this light made me warm and fuzzy on the inside! GO EDDIE MURPHY!!!

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