Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: You want Glamour , Yet you Lack Elegance

It never ceases to amaze me that people always want something , but refuse to demonstrate the very same high quality it is that they crave. Sometimes I hear celebrities talk about how they miss old Hollywood and all of its glam.. however they are quick to be un-glamorous in all forms and fashion. After seeing some of the pictures of the Grammy award show, I was just personally disgusted and disappointed at the current roster of celebrities. Even husbands (like Kayne West and Jay Z) don't mind their wives showing all their bodies to the world. I guess I am just old fashioned because I still think that should be reserved for your spouse, and In their cases they have all the money to afford and customize beautiful appropriate clothing. There is certainly a way to be sexy but sophisticated. They lack class and etiquette. They lack mystique and allure. If you wish to be a lady in this day and age.. we must admit that we all luxuries provided to us. If you don't know how to wear clothing (undergarments too) , have proper hygiene, do makeup or hair we have the convenience of additional information at our fingertips. If I was a star I would be dressed immaculately. No need to show all my assets. There are modest ways to behave and yet exude sexiness. Even my peers long for more sophisticated mates an such although never learning how to become more themselves.

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