Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let Me Vent Series:The Woes of Technology

I believe that our societies dependence is becoming an insurmountable problem. I believe that it is preventing the natural process of life and we should prepare for the detrimental effects of it... as we tamper with the environment, body and psychological we should brace ourselves for the cause and effect that is sure to come. During this post i have two specific areas i want to address: the effects on relationships and the profound effect on our children. Now before i begin i should confess that i am a lover of the foreign societal model. I believe that is what has consistently produced such self aware and successful people, whereas the latest American generations have struggled with self identity resulting in all the reckless behaviors that we Americans have become accustomed too. Recently, i was asked by an African friend if I would consider sending my children abroad to be educated. Without hesitation I would. There are too many negative factors in the states that prevent a healthy environment conducive for rearing children.I believe that the accessibility that technology(Internet) is providing is also simultaneously producing an insatiable and impatient society. We can go to our computers and with just a click can we shop,find entertainment, and connect with other people. These are just a few regular activities that usually take more time to accomplish in the natural. The dependence that we have on technology has destroyed some peoples abilities to have actual relationships. It is very important for our children to learn how to have interaction with others whilst they are young.With all the current dependence our children are not learning that, and they will be dysfunctional.We must learn to cultivate a balance of both because technology can bring some positives and conveniences to life, but it must coincide with real life as well...... ~RealTalk

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