Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: I'm Still OldSchool... respect it...

Just because you want to put tattoos all over your face doesnt mean I want too. Just because you want to grow long, dirty,stinky dreds doesnt mean I like them. I still like a guy to flirt innocently with me. I still like roses and smooth romantic music. I believe in God and am not afraid to show it. I still believe in working out to get a better body.. not running to the plastic surgeon. I still want to travel to new places and see the word. I still believe in love and good people.. I know they are out there. I still believe life can get better. So just cause your gone on drugs dont try to put on a damper on my dreams. My God told me I could have it, and I believe him over anything you can tell me!!!!

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