Friday, January 2, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Let Me Holla At The Brothers

This recent news of Chris Rock divorcing his loyal wife and mother of his children after nearly 20 years of marriage has me so twisted... and I wanted to take the time out to holla at the brothers because I'm so far from a black man hater.. I love my black men from all the many places they come from, but the way you dog black women is lowdown and unacceptable. What I often wonder is what will happen to your little black daughters.. I wonder if think twice if you imagined some other brother doing them the way you do us? You seem to think you are too good for a black woman.. as if we don't float your boat. I know its because of some deep rooted hate you have for yourself, your family and your roots... I know its because the media classically paints sexy black men with non black women.. I know you think you are getting some sort of prize, but ironically you are often met with the very reasons why you are better suited for a woman of color. You happen to notice the differences of culture,housekeeping, religion and parenting.. you find yourself longing for the very attributes you turned your nose up on... and Oh, I know it to be true.. I have so many black guy friends that have confided in me such truths.. Stop it.... stop estranging yourself.. stop puffing out your chest because you are no better than the woman that birthed you.... No other woman will be as loyal to you as we will, and that is real talk.....

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