Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Night President Barak Obama got Elected

Now, I know so many dissertations have been shared on this, but on my blog, I choose to share my feelings... because honestly I remember that night like it was yesterday. I remember utter shock as they announced the outcome of the election, the pride that ensued in my heart after his invigorating speech, and the sorrow for what I knew was to follow his tremendous accomplishments. I will never take the historic feat away from President Obama, but I knew that only because the climate of this country was in such disarray, would a black man ever step into the oval office.. Now as the years have passed, I still see the shear hate for our charismatic president. I see the unwillingness of the different wings of government to work collectively.. I see the gray that has taken over the once jet black full head of hair. I know the inner defeat that President Obama must feel, the sacrifice that Michelle endures as the public watches her every move and attacks her family.... the frustration that although both of them, well educated and professional, still get no appreciation. No accolades. The way the media boldly calls President Obama simply Obama with no respect.. and the way the ignorant crowd of first time voters that put him in office impatiently turn against him. The way the American public has made it a race thing... how so many refuse to even acknowledge him because he is black... (which in reality, Barak, is of mixed background). I endured hate because President Obama took office, some whites lashed out at me.. not even knowing or asking me my thoughts on the election, yet all out of assumption because I am black too. I wonder about the colored "American" dream. Why it has been such a difficult pill to be swallowed? I feel for him deeply in a way that many black people will never acknowledge... I question the costs of taking such a role.. as I regard it as totally not worth it... Not worth all the scrutiny from these careless, critical, reckless bastards. I think about the impact to his daughters, and how it has forever changed their lives.. I worry about their safety both while he is in office, and once his term is up. I question the loyalty of those protecting him, and wonder if they would go to all lengths to keep him safe. And all these thoughts are politics aside, as I am republican and didn't even vote in either election. These are concerned thoughts of a black woman in an aggressive racist world. Knowing that before he even became elected the issues in America are related to a moral crisis, where the crowd leads the leaders, and those in position are too fearful to upset the American public. Violence and confusion are rampant. And I have lived in this country when it flowed with prosperity. When a shooting in a school was the furthest thing on a young students mind. When a youth longed to grow up... when the future seemed brighter. I realized that no matter the man that took office, without a return to God... we will continued to be on a strained path. No one wishes to hear that truth, instead of revering those that speak it.... We are attacked with a vengeance. Its sad and disheartening... and after the complete slander of President Obama, I am reminded of just that...the times that we are currently living in.

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