Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time (30th Edition)

In younger days....

Turning 30 has been an unusual milestone for me.... Many look at is at a sign that they are getting older... that they have begun the decline, but for me, it has been an incredible awakening. No need for wild parties or drunken episodes, I chose to spend it in the exotic isles of my mother's birth country, Bermuda. My only desire was to spend such a precious time in my life, with those that know me well. I noticed such lovely details in my family and shared fulfilling times with them, I found myself thankful. I saw the comparisons between myself and people that I haven't seen in years. It was rather incredible the generosity and sheer happiness my family showed me, and it caused me to think about how some of us try to run as far as we can from our family... how we spend years or lifetimes trying to become or appeal to something that we are not....It made me understand in such a profound way my purpose.... to blend, to love, to help those around me that are missing such beautiful times shared. It caused me to not waste fleeting youth on trivial differences, that are inevitable. I have said it before, and I will say it again... that we are who we are because of the environments we come from. In order to interact with other people successfully, we must understand and appeal to those unique differences. This new decade for me is most crucial.. this is the decade in which I will become a mother, and can make or break the foundation of my future. I realized also in my trip that there are no set instructions to life. I have tried to follow the rules, believing that it would take me successfully from point A to B without hassle, only to find that it wasn't that simple. This life requires innovation, character and morals. It requires boldness, sincerity and compassion. In my ripe age of 30, I have learned that, and I am thankful. Some people ( like myself) have tried to avoid the process by subscribing to a black and white approach to life... Unfortunately, we are in the minority.. and no matter the high degree of planning, we will still find ourselves aiding others through there own processes. I have learned now.... that with relationships I can not be so rigid.... because inside each person is a beauty that the Lord wants to be cultivated, and for those of us with the tenacity to see such beauties... we are the ones charged with the responsibility in bringing out the best in those around us. It can seem tedious.. but I am certain without a doubt, that our Lord will reward us handsomely someday :-)
Me in vintage Versace

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