Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Real Black "Supermodel"

I ran across this picture, and felt like I should share because I'm not sure if alot of mom's understand the gravity as their role as a mother to the next generation. Often, parents entertain foolish behaviors that becomes the foundation of their child's life, and as someone concerned about the future, I am extremely observant. Many grow up in households where they wish they were elsewhere, only to attempt to mold a lifestyle that will leave them unfulfilled. These people tend to displace the blame, and believe that the solution of their problems is on the other side. Not so, unfortunately. But preparing your child the best that you possibly can, and being honest about some of the challenges that people of color face, you give them a tremendous start in their lives. For the woman of color, there are many disparaging obstacles that may face them, there is no need to further put them behind the eight-ball. Naturally, what our parents, and I place most of that weight on the mothers, expose us to forms our personality and perspective. It is beyond critical that we do the most thorough job as possible. Do you think your children really want to be a thug like their no good daddy? Do you think your daughter should invite provocative attention distracting her from school and progress? And of course,  there are two sides to the coin. Do you think that because you have arrived that your black child turn his or her back on the community that they no longer feel a part of? All such things play a factor.Think about it. 

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