Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two sides to the Coin

As I continue to get older I had been able to determine that all of us.. no matter our origin or creed fall into one of two categories..... We are are either openly broken (in which we share, shamelessly, our faults, deficiencies, shortcomings) or we are secretly conniving (wealthy, powerful and deceptive). I have always surmised myself as proud.... too unwilling to share my weaknesses with the world. I have hated those that beg for everything and talk to anyone who would listen. The type of people that never seem to be proactive in avoiding many of the outcomes of their foolish choices. I unknowingly built myself into a very strong woman because I never wanted to be perceived as weak although I was not exempt of problems. I learned conversely to deal with my problems in private, which I believe from conferring with many people over many years, is the minority choice of how people choose to deal with their issues. They prefer to seek attention and pour it out in any way that they can. Those of us that keep troubles private are perceived as people that don't have problems, and get no empathy even when it is needed. I also believed that people of the same caliber attracted one another, but I was again, painfully found wrong. Now I have come to the conclusion... the we are either or, or as my title affectionately describes, two sides to a coin... that no matter what we are all imperfect people. Honestly those of us that have the means and wherewithal to cover our tracks are usually worse than those that boast theirs... because with this ability usually comes more and more secrets. 

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